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I swear the timing of this wasn’t on purpose…

Hey, it’s Angie again!  Just before we opened the doors at the Workshop I went on a trip to Mexico with my hot boyfriend, Joe.  The goal was to decompress a bit so when we launched the business, I would feel energized and ready to take on the world.  Little did I know…Joe had a master plan in the works on this vacation.  On day five of the trip, we took an excursion to Tulum where we gazed at the ancient Mayan ruins overlooking the ocean.  It was there that Joe popped the question and asked me to marry him (complete with a miniature port-a-potty that housed the ring).  He couldn’t even get the words out before I grabbed the ring, said YES and started to blubber all over the place in front of hundreds of strangers.  I have dreamt of that moment since the day I met him…I know that’s so corny…but it’s 100% true.  He is the love of my life and worth the wait (you’ll hear more of our story in future posts).

Does this ring make my finger look engaged?

After my blood pressure returned to its normal level and the post-engagement high subsided a bit, anxiety slowly started to creep in – WHAT THE HELL DO I DO NOW???  It occurred to me that I was going to be the Wedding Workshop’s first customer, as I will need all the help I can get to plan this wedding, co-run a business, raise two boys and everything else in between.

First engaged smooch

The scene of the crime


So, I figured I’d share my journey with the rest of you who are going through very similar situations and I can truly say we are in this thing together.  I’ll be with you along the way and we can trade tips, cry on each other’s shoulders when we get overwhelmed, ooh and ahh over sweet moments and high five each other when we check things off our list.

Ready, set, let’s do this! 😊



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