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Whole lotta nothin’

Joe and I are one month into the engagement and we’ve done ZERO things to plan the wedding.  Couple reasons for this:  we are both immersed in our new careers and are busier than a one-toothed man in a corn-on-the-cob eating contest.  But the main reason for not setting a date is that we are trying to figure out the initial logistics of planning the wedding:  How do we get our families together and what time of year do we do it?

Most of Joe’s family lives on the East Coast where he is from, which means we will have out-of-town family traveling here (fingers crossed they can all come).  We both hate-hate-hate inconveniencing people so there is a bit of anxiety brewing thinking that we are going to disrupt routines and the bigger issue of dumping significant travel expenses on our loved ones – I’m breathing into a paper bag as I’m writing this.  Summer might be a good time because the kids will be out of school, but summer is only 4-6 months away and that’s way too soon to plan every detail, plus I keep waking up every morning hoping that 20 pounds magically fell off me so I need to put down the chips and dips and pick up the jump rope, STAT!  Fall would be beautiful, but kids will be back in school.  I never considered a wedding around the holidays, but that might be the way to go.  What to do, what to do?

I welcome any comments/advice you may have for me.  Please.

On top of the logistics conundrum Joe and I are also trying to figure out the scale of the wedding.  We have both been married before, so we weren’t picturing a huge to-do with hundreds of people attending.  He would be happy with 25 people on the guest list and I’m more in the 100-person camp (I’ll probably win this one 😊).

I’m sure most of you newly engaged brides-to-be have already locked in your date, your venue, been dress shopping and are at Bed Bath and Beyond registering for your wedding gifts and the only thing I’ve done wedding-related has been staring at my ring 72 times a day – you get me in a room with overhead canned lights and I’m mesmerized for a good hour.

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