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One Month Under Our Belts!

We officially opened the doors 28 days, 1 hour and 16 minutes ago and I don’t think neither Missy nor I have sat still for more than five minutes.  To say things are hopping behind the scenes would be an understatement BUT we are so thankful for that, because it means things are taking off in all directions.  We have had meetings out the wazoo and are, once again, humbled by the reception we are getting from engaged couples, vendors in the wedding industry, our credit card merchant services rep, Missy’s bank teller, the woman who painted my nails – so many people have given us encouragement and pats on the head…it’s like jet fuel to us!

We attended our first ever wedding show last month and it was such a surreal experience.  There we were, seeing our concept come to life and getting to talk about it to women (and men).  We were like proud mamas showing off pictures of their babies to anyone and everyone who walked by.  Funny story (funny now but wasn’t so much at the time), as we were prepping for the Wedding Show, we had every family member, friend, and stranger on the street helping us create magnets that we wanted to give away at the show.  Our materials for the magnets were finally delivered literally less than 24 hours before the event started and we had round-the-clock shifts to assemble the pieces.  To produce the magnets, we used the Glowforge we have in our workshop. I had never heard of a Glowforge before and immediately pictured a burning pit of fire that produced glow sticks to wrap around your body…but that is not the case. It looks more like a large printer/X-ray machine and it can make some really cool stuff, and we affectionately named her Gloria…Glo for short.  She did not disappoint cranking out magnet after magnet with zero complaints. She’s one strong ass machine!

The icing on the cake during the show was having two amazing women helping us out – one is a friend and fabulous wedding photographer, Kym, who didn’t hesitate for a second to volunteer to help us.  Her positive energy was infectious, and any nerves Missy and I had going into the day melted away with her by our side.  The other badass is Courtney O, who has signed on with Wedding Workshop as our Wedding Planning Concierge – she has a ton of experience in the industry and knows what it takes to pull off a dream wedding. Look for an announcement soon about a HUGE project she’s spearheading and getting ready to launch for all you lovely engaged couples!

We have another wedding show around the corner, so come check us out at Off White Wedding Show at Wild Carrot. Amazing line up of vendors and a killer venue!

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