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23 City Blocks Catering

1600 North Broadway | Saint Louis, Missouri 63102

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What Wedding Workshop has to say about this Partner:

If your goal is to have incredible food as a “must have” on your wedding day, then 23 City Blocks Catering is for you. From the ease of booking, to the beautiful presentation of their food, to the most professional service around – you and your guests will be in for such a treat. If you need us to help you decide what to choose at your tasting, we are more than happy to tag along! We absolutely love working with Casey and her team and we promise you will too.

What makes you different?

23CB cares about our people. It’s plain and simple. When you put your trust in us to pull together your celebration, you instantly become family, which is why it’s so easy for us to treat each and every event like they are our own.

What would be your “Walking Up to Home Plate” song that gets you pumped up?

The kitchen is our batter’s box.  When you walk in, you’ll hear everything from classic rock to today’s pop to show tunes – but one thing everyone will jam out to?  “Hot in Herre” by Nelly…although they just may be talking about the kitchen!


Below is an extensive Q&A we hope you find valuable and gives you an insight into the quality of work you can expect from this vendor.

We opened our doors in October 2014, and we haven’t stop going since!

23 City Blocks loves food. We’ll serve it just about any way you want it from waves of tray passed hors d’oeuvres that change continuously throughout the hours to passing plates around the table family style. We love the presentation of a pretty plate served in unison and we love a spit-roasted pig with a killer barbeque spread.

We do have sample menus, but we share them truly as examples of our culinary team and creativity. Some guests love them and that’s their pick. Others want something more them, which is our preference, to have your food tell the story of you. We spend the time to get to know you, we ask questions. It’s not a myriad number of questions like what is your date, how many guests, and where are you looking, but more so tell us about yourself or your company; what are you celebrating, what kind of experience are you trying to emulate for your guests, or our favorite – what are your loves and what are your loathes? From there, we work with our culinary team to a create what fits your wants and your price point.

We include a complimentary tasting for our clients with guest counts of 100 or more after a contract is signed. If a potential client would like to host a tasting prior to contracting, we can do that too for a price of $75.00 per person. If they decide to move forward with us, then we credit that to their final bill.

Our team prides itself on transparent pricing. We are going to include everything up front – food, beverage, rentals, service, taxes, etc – because we feel that catering is usually a bigger portion of our clients budget. It’s unfair to them if we aren’t honest up front about what our services are going to cost and spring a bunch of fees on them days before their event.

We don’t include gratuities because we feel that it up to the discretion of the client. We have high standards and expectations for our team, and they are compensated for that. Gratuities are never expected, but always appreciated.

Dietary restrictions are a hot button these days, and our team is happy to accommodate with enough advanced notice. We do not have a kosher kitchen, but we are happy to arrange the ordering and delivering of kosher meals as needed.

Our team works to communicate well in advance what information we need and when we need it. That being said, we are in the event world and things never go as planned! Our team goes into an event with a small percentage of overage for food based on what the client has contracted for. We try to never say no when it comes to a last-minute meal change.  As long as the client is okay with something different, we will do everything in our power to accommodate!

We can handle simplistic wedding cakes, but if you’re looking for something bigger than two-tiers, we recommend going to a bakery. You want a dessert bar though? We’ve got you covered!

Our event managers are the main point of contact for our clients and are the key for internal communication to our team. They handle the logistics of outside services required by events, sort out timelines, communicate directly with other vendors so clients don’t have to play middleman, order rentals and provide an itemized list for the venue, assist in providing layouts should an outside venue not do so on their own. We like to have a hand in it all, because the more we know, the more successful an event will be. That being said, we do not replace a wedding planner who is invaluable when it comes to the planning process.

As a caterer, we manage the rental and delivery of the items in which the venue does not provide.

We typically are not on-site to receive rentals, though it depends on the delivery schedule. We do try to manage, organize and count the return of rentals.

We feel that as a caterer it is our job to hand the table setting – got to make sure you have enough forks for your meal! We leave the place cards and favors to your wedding planner, so our focus can be on your food and beverage experience.

Of course we do! The 23 City Blocks team staffs and services an event based on guest count, satisfying our standard ratios. We charge a 24% service fee on all food and beverage provided for the event. If additional services are requested or the 24% is not equivalent to the labor that the event requires, our team may feel it is in the best interest to add labor in order to properly execute those services. Our current standard rates are listed below, but subject to change based on economic and industry trends.

Additional Server: $150, four-hour minimum

Additional Bartender: $175, four-hour minimum

Additional Culinary Team Member/Station Attendant: $225, four-hour minimum

Delivery for Event from 23 City Blocks team: $100-350, dependent on size and requirements of event

This is seemingly a loaded question for the 23 City Blocks team. Not being the biggest fan of hot boxes as we feel they compromise the quality of food, we prefer to finish cooking on-site as much as we are allowed. This has led us to cooking in alleyways and on sidewalks, building kitchens in fields, anything and anywhere so that we are able to provide the best meal possible.

We do provide bar and beverage services, assuming the reception site does not do so on their own. We have a per person price point based on hours, or depending on the function, we will do a consumption bar.

They are not. Mixers, sodas, and garnishes are included in our bar pricing. If the reception site doesn’t provide sodas, we will do so for $2.00 / person.

Not when there is an open bar.

Yes. For wine, it’s $15/bottle. For beer, it’s $25/case. For liquor, it’s $40/bottle.

If your vendor requires a meal, we require that they are served a hot meal because after a 12-hour day, a turkey sandwich just doesn’t cut it! We do give our clients a discount on vendor meals.

We are fairly lenient on timing for events. If we are still cleaning up and your crew is still hanging around, not a problem at all. If we have to step in to assist other vendors for clean-up or guests are hindering our ability to be respectful and mindful of the venues requirements, then we will typical have to add on additional labor hours to accommodate the extra time.

Absolute final guest count is due four business days prior to the event.

This is completely dependent on the venue in which you are hosting at!

Our deposit schedule is based on how far out you book from your event date. With most weddings, we see a 20% deposit then the remaining balance is split into equal monthly payments to help separate the large lump sums that most other vendors require.

Four business days prior to the event.

More than nine (9) months from arrival date (20% of estimated revenue)

Six (6) months to nine (9) months from arrival date (40% of estimated revenue)

One (1) month to six (6) from arrival date (60% of estimate revenue)

Less than one (1) month up to arrival date (75% of estimate revenue)

We’ve got lots of fans! Please check out our Knot page or reach out, and we will be happy to connect you with a former client, friend, or vendor who hosted a similar event to what you’re looking for!

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