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Country Event Rentals

Serving central Illinois, St. Louis and surrounding areas

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What Wedding Workshop has to say about this Partner:

Shawn is an artist with amazing talent and a down-right good human being.  He takes such pride in his work and goes above and beyond to ensure that everything you asked for is delivered on time and set up perfectly. You will fall in love with the beautiful craftsmanship in his tables, benches, chairs and arbors that are available to rent for your wedding day or special event.  You and your guests will be so impressed that you’ll want to commission him to make furniture for your home…he’s that good!

What makes you different?

We rent farmhouse tables, benches and chairs for weddings and special occasions. Our furniture is hand crafted in our own woodworking shop by designer Shawn Michael McFarland. Inspired by nature, every piece of furniture is authentically unique and rich in character. They add a perfect balance of rustic traditional farmhouse style with a touch of class. There is no need for troublesome table coverings; our tables can stand alone.

What would be your “Walking Up to Home Plate” song that gets you pumped up?

“Home” by Phillip Phillips

Below is an extensive Q&A we hope you find valuable and gives you an insight into the quality of work you can expect from this vendor.

We have been in business 1 year and 3 months (as of March 2020).

We rent farmhouse tables, benches/chairs, rustic backdrops and arbors for weddings and special occasions.

See other information below.

We are delivery only on all of our items at this time. We may consider client pickup for backdrops and arbors at a later time if those are rented exclusively.
Standard delivery cost is based on size of order, distance and specific delivery details. Non-standard delivery is a venue with a far distance from parking area, narrow or winding path, difficult terrain such as steps, sand or mud that makes rolling cart access difficult or impossible. These circumstances are estimated based on specific details. We deliver at no charge in our home town location of Carlinville, IL.
Upon delivery, rental items will be placed in the venue, assembled and put in the general location or your arrangement choice. Depending on order, at least a two-hour block of time minimum will be needed for Country Event Rentals, LLC staff to unload, place items in venue and assemble. The client or other responsible adult (21 years or older) must be present upon delivery to accept rentals in agreement and sign delivery receipt, thereby taking responsibility of all items in their possession. We expect the client to provide their own “helpers/decorators” responsible for final “exact” arrangement and alignment of tables/benches/chairs to client specifications, unless prior arrangements are made. If requested, Country Event Rentals, LLC will provide additional staff for the final arrangement based on client specifications. Additional fees will apply. Please note when assembled, each table weighs around 100lbs, benches weight roughly 45lbs. so bring plenty of strong, able bodies to assist in your final arrangement. We prefer to deliver our rental furniture at least the day/eve before the event or even sooner is possible, as long as our furniture is indoors in a safe/secure, dry location. Early delivery of our furniture to be used in tents are assessed on a case by case basis due to security and/or weather related issues.

We pick up all of our furniture based on specific circumstances. Typically we pick up the following day of the event, allowing time for client helpers to clear table decor and wipe down tables/benches/chairs per our policy before we arrive for pickup. We can/will however pick up right after the event if requested or if safety/security or weather related issues are present. Additional fees for night pick up may apply at Country Event Rentals, LLCs discretion.

Since we are a delivery only business without a store front location, the majority of our communication is done on-line through email and or social media and telephone calls. If a client prefers to meet face to face, we are open to a meeting location of their choice such as Wedding Workshops & MORE location.

Pictures of our furniture collection as well as FAQ and pricing can be found on our web site at

Around 90% of our furniture is engineered, built and finished by Founder and Designer, Shawn Michael McFarland in our own woodworking shop. Our white padded folding chairs is the only item that is purchased outside of our company at this time.

We are constantly adding more farm tables, benches, backdrops, arbors to our inventory. We plan to build other items as well in the future as time allows.

In the rare circumstance that one of our items becomes unserviceable during an event, we request that the item be taken out of use and a call made to us with details of the occurrence. Depending on the specifics, Country Event Rentals, LLC will go on site to remove, repair or replace the furniture in question with a similar item if available.

We have a very small collection of handcrafted furniture that is very popular. We rent on a first-come, first-served basis. Because of this, we recommend reserving your order as soon as you possible. Some of our clients are reserving our furniture well in advance of finalizing their venue. This guarantees that the client will have their beautiful furniture, allow them to choose a perfect venue for their theme and avoid a venue that would require higher non-standard deliver charges if possible. In many cases, the client can negotiate final venue price by not using venue supplied furniture as well if done in advance.

Orders are guaranteed for quantities specified at time of signed contract. Changes afterwards will be based on product availability. If change to an order is necessary, we suggest reaching out to us ASAP. If reducing number of items required and items have already been paid for, a refund down to the amount of the non-refundable deposit will be made to the client. Please note, quantity reductions must be made prior to 5 business days of event for refund specified above to apply.

Yes, We have basic liability insurance for accidents.

If an unavoidable emergency occurs due to unforeseen circumstances such as Country Event Rentals, LLC equipment/transportation failure, accidents or sickness and we are unable to deliver an order within 2 hours of event start time, a full refund including deposit will be given to client. If however, an unavoidable emergency occurs due to unforeseen circumstances such as a natural disaster or occurrence including but not limited to any destructive weather, fire, earthquake, national or state of emergency, mass sickness/pandemic or otherwise that is not within our control, a refund down to the amount of the non refundable deposit shall be made at the discretion of Country Event Rentals LLC.

A deposit in the amount of 50% of total order is due within 5 business days of signing rental contract in order to secure the order.

The final payment of order is due at least 2 weeks prior to event date to guarantee delivery.

Our 50% deposit is non-refundable if order is cancelled. If cancellation occurs after full payment and is before 5 business days of event date, a refund may be given down to the amount of the 50% deposit. If rescheduling is an option, we will be more than willing to assist as long as rental items are available for alternate dates. A credit for the amount paid can be put on file in the customer’s name on service agreement valid for one year from issue date in order to allow time for an alternate date selection.

Other Useful Information

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