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Carolyn Burke STL

Serving St. Louis City and surrounding areas


What makes you different?

I have 15 years experience with a warm personality and am a team member at the event. I am easy to work with and the ceremony is sweet and simple.

What would be your “Walking Up to Home Plate” song that gets you pumped up?

“Happy” by Pharrell Williams

Below is an extensive Q&A we hope you find valuable and gives you an insight into the quality of work you can expect from this vendor.

I have a microphone/amplifier and charge a fee of $40.

The ceremony is basically in four parts.
1 – Opening Words
2 – Question of Intention (where you answer I DO)
3 – Exchange of Rings and Vows (you can write your own vows)
4 – Closing Words / Pronouncement The ceremony is mostly secular or non-religious with the option to add readings, scripture, prayer.
You can symbolize your union such things as a unity candle, sand/glass ceremony, roses to mothers, etc.
Yes and I require it for readings, scripture readings, prayers.
I travel a radius of 60 minutes from my home/office in Kirkwood. Fee is based on distance – up to $300.

Yes, I am happy to attend a rehearsal. The fee is based on location. Average fee is between $250 to $580.

If the location is far, then yes.
No premarital classes. Couples are not required to meet me, but if they do they come to my home-office.
The initial phone meeting, a phone rehearsal or pre-rehearsal phone meeting. In person meetings would occur in my home-office, but are not necessary.

Please have the Marriage License and Certificate available for me at the event. I fill this out first and if there are witnesses, they will sign it BEFORE the ceremony.

Zero, but a wedding planner can be a witness if you like. The photographer can also be a witness.

If I cancel (very rare), I give a full refund and attempt to find a replacement.
Depends on the location. A Travel Retainer Fee of $40-$200 is required to reserve the Officiant Only Package. The Rehearsal Fee is due to hold both dates (rehearsal and wedding day). The Ceremony Fee is due ten (10) days before the event date.
10 days before event date

If you book this package and cancel, the Travel Retainer Fee is non-refundable.

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