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Misfit Hue Photography

St. Louis, MO

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What Wedding Workshop has to say about this Partner:

Kym is not only an amazing photographer but she’s an amazing human.  She’s a long-time friend of Missy’s and I have fallen hard for her as well.  Kym actually did the photo shoot for Wedding Workshop’s headshots and she was a complete pro and made us feel so at ease and was very patient while we laughed and made inappropriate comments during our session.  Did I mention she was very patient??

If you book Kym for your wedding, you’ll also be getting a life long friend!

What makes you different?

When you chose Misfit Hue Photography, you choose a passionate story-teller to capture the beauty and uniqueness of your love story.  I am known for my enthusiasm, my artistic perspective and my commitment to my clients.  My goal for you is that you fully enjoy the experience of your day and have marvelous images to enjoy with family and friends for years after!

What would be your “Walking Up to Home Plate” song that gets you pumped up?

“Real Wild Child (Wild One)” by Iggy Pop

Below is an extensive Q&A we hope you find valuable and gives you an insight into the quality of work you can expect from this vendor.

both. i like know what the client is looking for and hope to give them some surprise moments along the way. ideally, i will have a second shooter and that will allow both things to happen.

yes, weddings/events

yes and no. it’s good to have a clear understanding of a client’s expectations and wishes. i have found must-take photos happen mostly around the formal family photos. sometimes time, weather, people being late–things happen and i like to clarify that i will do my best.

i do not normally promise a sneak peek online. i might post a few days after the wedding, but i never promise.  clients get all of their photos at once in an electronic gallery. my contract states 6-58, but i turn them over on the first month anniversary.

yes. if anyone ever tells you no, they are either just starting out or crazy. even before i owned backup equipment, i rented it. i NEVER go to a wedding without a backup.

i prefer to, but most of the wedding i book are small, often second weddings. usually they are not full day and do not want a second. if a small wedding does, it’s a $200 fee. it’s also an additional $200 per hour if you take the 4-hour package and want more time. my other two packages include a second because that is just a bigger deal and you need two to be truly effective at covering the whole thing.

i’ve determined my packages by figuring out how many hours i spend on an entire wedding and came up with packages based on an hourly number.

i never give an exact number of images, but it usually works out to be about 100-125 images an hour of coverage. the fee includes 2 consultations, site visit, paperwork, shoot, editing, gallery of high res images, retouching of up to 75 photos (but i retouch them all), and print release. i generally turn over between 500 and 900 images. i have print prices on my website and prints can be ordered if the client would like. i also can refer them to someone to create an album if they like. i do not create albums.

two of my packages include an engagement session. i have also switched that to a small wedding boudoir shoot – a mini shoot. if a client doesn’t wish to include it, i will deduct $200.

my price list is attached.

yes, i’ll do up to 75 in the package. anything beyond that is $35 per hour.

even if i’ve shot somewhere 20 times, i do a site visit. i try to go when the light will be the way it will be when i’m there, the time of day, the season, the same set up. i’m an over-preparer, but it helps. even though things will be up in the air on the day of and all sorts of variables may and will change, i might have seen something when i was there on the site visit that will come to mind and give us a place in uncooperative weather or when another spot is being used unexpectedly or any other surprise! i also like to do some fb research before a wedding. i will look at not just the bride and groom, but the members of the party so that i might recognize them and call them by name. i try to learn the key players–parents, bestie, fave aunt. i do this even when i’m second shooting. it usually makes people feel special, like they aren’t just a random face in the crowd. it’s how i win them over and get them on my side for the day! LOL. my preparation for a wedding is way over the top, but i’m going to basically be the ringmaster, time keeper, peacekeeper, supportive friend and fill-in boutonniere fastener for the day, so i like to get as many folks on the team as possible.

no extra fee. yes, i really push for this because these details are really special and often second weddings don’t want to bother, but i still try to grab some. i’ve never met a bride who wasn’t glad i was there and got the details and that special time right before.

they are part of the set. i usually do three sets-one pretty basic edit, one with an artistic treatment and a black and white set.

i give a print release for all images including the ones i post online, so yes. but i maintain rights for advertising, etc.

all of my images are delivered electronically. occasionally, i still get a request for a flash drive. my contract says images will be delivered 6-8 weeks from the wedding date, but i try to deliver the couple their gallery on their one-month anniversary. i think it’s just a nice gift to make them feel extra special and keep that newlywed glow. 🙂

if i’m working more than 5 hours, yes, for me and my second if i have one. we always eat right after the bridal party so that we are ready for toasts or the first dance or whatever they want to do.

yes. i do have a destination rate  that kicks in if the wedding is more than 100 miles round trip. i charge mileage at .60 a mile after 100 miles and if overnight is involved, the room is charged to the client. meals are negotiable on an overnight.

yes, through the PPA-professional photographers association. i’ve been a member for 4 years.

i have a pool of friends that are photographers, several are wedding photographers, and i would immediately reach out to them. we have covered for each other during severe illnesses and have all worked together. we have similar experience and work ethics, if different styles.

i require a $200 non-refundable deposit at signing to hold the date. the balance is due 30 days prior when the client and i have our 30-day consultation to finalize details. (details are usually finalized up to the day before, but i like that 30-day touch base to cover anything that might have been missed or forgotten during the client’s planning).

the balance is due 30 days prior when we have our 30-day consultation to finalize details.

i have a very lenient policy. the $200 deposit is non-refundable, but if the date is canceled after the balance is paid, i will return it.

i do not have reviews on fb or google, but i do have references available.

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