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Nora Sandoval Photography

Serving greater St. Louis area

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What Wedding Workshop has to say about this Partner:

Nora is a ray of sunshine.  She’s interesting, very easy to talk to and if there’s anyone who is going to be with you 10+ hours on your wedding day…you’ll want that Nora energy guiding you.  The care and thought she puts into photography elevates her in her field.  She is organized yet can go off script seamlessly and you want your photographer to be a fast thinker and full of imagination.  If you read all of her reviews the word friend is used over and over, and there’s a very good reason for that!

What makes you different?

I think that love is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. The truth is, your wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion, and choosing someone to capture that day through photography is a big decision! It is a privilege to witness it, one that should be honored, one that I take very seriously and work hard to respect. Trust me when I say that I am just as excited about your big day as you are; more often than not, I grin so hard my face hurts while I’m editing. Seriously, I’m like a kid on Christmas eve the night before a wedding, and I cherish all of the time we have together on your day as if it were my own.

My clients and their individual stories are what keep me going, when moments are tough and when tensions are high; love never fails, and my clients remind me of that, and inspire me to be my best self and be of maximum service not only to them but also to our world. If you feel connected to what I do and my work resonates with you, I think we’re probably kindred spirits and I can’t wait to hear from you.

What would be your “Walking Up to Home Plate” song that gets you pumped up?

“Don’t Stop Believin’ ” by Journey

Below is an extensive Q&A we hope you find valuable and gives you an insight into the quality of work you can expect from this vendor.

I shot my first wedding in 2016, and incorporated in 2017 but have had a camera in my hand, in one way or another, since 2000.

Primarily, photojournalism; I give direction and reassurance to clients and definitely guide them throughout the process, since most people feel a little bit nervous about getting their picture taken! I do my best to make my clients feel comfortable and at ease, and then take a step back! I’m all about the authentic, the candid, those moments that speak volumes. The images that keep me going are the ones of unbridled emotion: unsolicited laughter, deep and meaningful affection; ones that you both see and feel, that tell the viewer a story and show the connection between the subjects.

I think a little bit of both – having a clear expectations of my clients wants and needs as well as understanding their dream for their day helps me serve them most effectively! But, I think my strength is being able to capture the ephemeral and raw in-between moments, watching things unfold, capturing genuine laughter (the kind with lots of chins) and getting to witness all of the things that make my clients and their love for each other special.

Yes. Except when my nephew is in town and then I 100% become a paparazzo.

Absolutely! My website is in the midst of being updated but until then, check out instagram! I also have several complete wedding days posted on my blog –

I work with my couples & other pertinent vendors to create a timeline that maximizes their coverage and makes sense with the logistics of the day– it definitely helps keep things on schedule and makes sure that we have enough time to get everything done!

For sure! As I mentioned above, I think it’s super important for me to understand the wants and expectations of my clients in order to help their vision come to life. If that means a group photo with all of their cousins, or a particular photo from Pinterest that they want to re-create, or something on the amazing vintage sofa they rented for their sweetheart table, I’m all about it!

Usually 1 or 2 – the initial consult where we get to know each other, and then, often times before the wedding, we’ll do another meeting or FaceTime to finalize things. I also encourage couples to do an engagement session so we can get to know each other that way and get comfortable working together.

I usually send a sneak peek of wedding day favorites via online gallery within a week of the wedding; then, the full gallery, which is online and password protected, is available 6 – 8 weeks after the wedding. Unless, of course, I’m really really excited about what we’ve shot, and then I’ll grab them and show them the back of the camera!

Always. Not only do I carry backups for all of my gear on the day of, but all client work is backed up in three places (two via hardware storage and one via cloud) and kept for at least a year.

Yes! I’m happy to bring on a second shooter if need be – for me, that depends upon the timeline, the logistics of the day, how big the wedding is (both bridal party and guests), and the ceremony/reception venue. The additional charge for a second shooter for the whole day is $500.

I offer several different packages for wedding clients and all of my services are structured by coverage time on the day-of, taking into account all of the processing and other things that happen behind the scenes in that rate. My basic package starts at $2850 for 6 hours of wedding day coverage, but I do offer several others with more time.

As above, my fee structure is delineated by time spent with the couple day-of. I don’t put any limits on number of photos delivered or number of locations or anything akin to that. Basically, anything that I capture that I’d consider deliverable (eyes open, no one chewing etc) will be delivered, and any number of locations is just fine.

Yes, two of my collections do include engagement shoots! I love doing engagement shoots with couples, because it gives us a chance to get to know each other and helps me understand how they work together so on the wedding day, everything goes smoothly.

See above! Prices vary by size of print, ranging from $3.00 for a 4×6 to $125 for a 24×36.

I do basic color, exposure and contrast correction and retouching when I process my images, and all of that processing is included in session coverage. Post-processing is the most time intensive part of the wedding (for me!), as I work hard to ensure every image meets my artistic standard. I shoot with professional equipment and do my best to capture the moment as it happens – and keep it that way – however, I will not shoot a photo and release it without giving myself the opportunity to enhance it digitally. Editing is not where the magic happens (that’s in the moment itself!) but it’s what polishes it up and makes it shine. Hopefully, most of my tweaks go unnoticed since my goal is to be authentic and natural, unposed and emotional. Every photo has basic edits applied, and is adjusted for things like brightness and optimal color. While you might not notice any of these enhancements (which I take as a compliment), it’s my opportunity to make sure your photos are the best they can be. If a client has a specific concern regarding their images, I’m happy to discuss prior to the session so I can be sensitive to that during my shooting and editing.

Absolutely. It’s super important to me to be as well-informed as possible and scouting is a huge part of that.

Yes, for sure. A lot of clients select a package that provides enough time to cover getting ready. I also love shooting “getting ready” photos because it gives me the opportunity to shoot all of the details – dress, rings, shoes, invite, etc.

Yes! I usually do find myself converting some images to black and white and delivering those along with the color version, but if a client would like a particular image in black and white, I’m happy to deliver that.

No. Clients receive a print release along with their collection, meaning that they are entitled to make as many copies of their images for personal use as they would like – this covers anything from thank you notes to holiday cards to prints for their home to just about most other things you could think of. As the creator of the image, I maintain the copyright and ownership (which is a pretty consistent standard across the industry) and would need to grant them additional permission for commercial use of images.

Yes! All of my images are delivered digitally via online gallery. I also offer the option of adding on a USB drive of finished images to wedding collections.

Indefinitely – cloud storage is cheap! I haven’t had to pull one down yet 🙂

Typically 2-3 weeks, but it does depend upon the lab’s timeline for production.

If the event is longer than 6 hours, yes.

If the event requires greater than 100 miles of travel in any direction from downtown STL, I would assess a travel fee, yes, but they are discretionary and obviously depend upon the circumstance.

If, for some reason, I’m not able to shoot the wedding myself, I would outsource the shooting to another comparable photographer who is approved by the client. The provisions for this are stipulated in my contract, so the client is aware of the procedure and what their recourse is if that were to happen.

30 days prior to the wedding unless otherwise discussed, but I am flexible.

If the wedding is cancelled, the client forfeits any deposits and payments made thus far. Provisions for rescheduling or changing the wedding date are outlined in my contract, and I usually allow any deposit made to be transferable to the new date, depending upon the circumstance.

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