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Foundry Art Centre

Contact: Melanie Sanders

520 North Main Center | St. Charles, MO 63301

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What makes you different?

The Foundry Art Centre is an architecturally beautiful as well as historic venue. Our 6000 square foot space can seat up to 400 seated guests. Our one time rental fee included all tables, chairs, stage, staffing, additional gallery space, a/v equipment and a full ADA compliant parking lot. We can also accommodate both ceremony and reception at no extra cost. We give all couples the freedom to decorate and set up the space to match the vision of their special day. Set up can begin as early as 9:00 am, day of the event and you have the space privately for a full 7 hours. Not to mention the amazing national as well as international artwork on display in our galleries.

Below is an extensive Q&A we hope you find valuable and gives you an insight into the quality of work you can expect from this vendor.

We have 2 guest restrooms and we do offer support staff to attend the bathrooms during the event. No outside portable bathrooms.
No, but our space is large enough to designate a rather sufficient dance area.

Decor restrictions include no glitter, confetti, sparklers, feathers, smoke machines or bubble machines. Artwork cannot be covered and no nails, or duct tape on our walls or floor. Candles are allowed but they must be contained in glass and the glass must be 1 inch above the flames.

Onsite ADA compliant parking available for no extra fee. 130 spaces available.
No, Our facilities manager is the staff member who is present for the entire event.
There is a $25 fee for every hour past midnight.
$500 refundable security deposit
60 days prior to the event.
Cancel within 6 months to receive a full refund.

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